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Passion project ideas list

passion project ideas list

You wake up and hear the most annoying sound on the planet. The alarm clock rings as it normally does.

You Get to Have Your Own Genius Hour (A Video for Students)

As soon as it does, you turn it off and wake up with excitement. When you have nothing to look forward to, you dread the day and have no motivation to wake up. What about me? A passion project is a project that you do out of love. The possibilities of where you can take your passion projects are endless. You could keep doing it on the side, involve your friends into it, meet new people because of it, turn it into a business, and so on.

But why is it important that you start a passion project and how do you find the time? According to researchan average human with a lifespan of 72 who starts using devices at the age of 10 will spend nearly 6 years, 8 months on social media and 8 years, 4 months watching TV.

In 15 years, you can move mountains. The social media, TV, news and other forms of media have us hooked into their products and experiences. They have taken our attention away. Although It feels good to use them at the moment, overuse them and they can turn into a source of addiction and depression.

So how do you escape the trap and fight for your freedom? A passion project also helps you diversify your sources of fulfillment. The solution? You can derive fulfillment from different sources like work, passions, family, friends, health, wealth, personal growth, etc. When one source falls apart, others keep you up so you can keep standing still and get the fallen source back up again.

But if you depend on only one source and if that falls apart, you have no base or support to get back up easily. Or you can do it on your own if you wish. It depends on the purpose of your project and the time and energy you have for it.

72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

The purpose could be to pursue a hobby, create a side hustle project, start a business, go through a personal transformationetc. The next step is to decide the time and place for your passion project to happen. For some, it may be the first thing in the morning while for others it could be the last thing in the night. It depends on when you get the alone time to work on it with deep focus.A passion project is a creative side project or part-time hobby that closely exemplifies your true passion and fits the narrative of your dream life.

Passion projects can reduce stress, improve your mood, keep you motivated, keep you one step ahead of your competition, and can help you stay focused on your goals. The relationships you foster while working on a passion project can get your foot in the door and help you land your dream job. Here are 6 examples of passion projects and the corresponding dream jobs they could lead you to:.

passion project ideas list

Starting and maintaining a lifestyle blog is a type of passion project that requires a ton of self-taught marketing, branding, social media management, editing and writing. Your passion for animals and your desire to care for them could motivate you to pursue a passion project that involves regularly volunteering at an animal shelter.

This experience in your dream field could certainly lead you towards a career working with animals. Many Veterinarians, for example, started off volunteering at shelters. A step in the right direction in the form of volunteering will help seal your fate in this rewarding career. The dream jobs this could lead to: Owning your own shop or becoming a mobile mechanic. Your expertise could end up earning you a ton of side income, as you can offer your services as a side gig.

Passion Project 5: Learning portrait photography by taking amateur headshots of friends. The dream jobs this could lead to: Wedding Photographer or Freelance Photographer. Some of us are passionate about photography, and we therefore pick up passion projects that relate to that field. Yours could be that you often take portrait photographs of your friends and family members, that they end up using for something they needed a photo of themselves for.

If you love DIY projects and you realized how talented you are when it comes to creating something hand-crafted and unique, you could end up with a career as a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer or become the owner of a lucrative online store. The best gifts and jewelry are handmade by someone who is truly passionate about their craft. Your passion project could include you creating handmade jewelry and selling it via social media. From there, you could end up with a huge following of eager buyers, an online store, and a name for yourself as a successful jewelry designer.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Leo Hidalgo A passion project is a creative side project or part-time hobby that closely exemplifies your true passion and fits the narrative of your dream life. Here are 6 examples of passion projects and the corresponding dream jobs they could lead you to: Passion Project 1: Starting a lifestyle blog Dream jobs this could lead to: Senior Editor at a magazine or Brand Marketing Manager Starting and maintaining a lifestyle blog is a type of passion project that requires a ton of self-taught marketing, branding, social media management, editing and writing.

Passion Project 6: Creating DIY handmade jewelry and gifts Dream jobs this could lead to: Owner of an online store, Jewelry Designer If you love DIY projects and you realized how talented you are when it comes to creating something hand-crafted and unique, you could end up with a career as a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer or become the owner of a lucrative online store.

More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! Follow Thought Catalog. Post to Cancel.I learned about Genius Hour during professional development at the beginning of this school year and thought I'd work it in with my homeroom during our reading block, but then I decided I was going to tackle the first project with both of my 4th grade classes and use the first one as a stand alone project.

We actually started it last week. Our first time out the door, we're spending more than an hour on it, but I think their research will be completed by Tuesday or the beginning of the week after Thanksgiving. Then they'll work on putting their products together, and finally presenting to the class. The kids are totally engaged and loving it!!

I look forward to hearing how it goes with your kiddos! Thanks for sharing. Now I am super motivated, and I haven't clicked on any links! Off to research now I teach a pull-out GT program for our district and this is basically all I do.

I love it, the kids love it. It is so awesome to see this in the regular ed classroom: We are working on a project called pursuit of passion.

THis is GreAt. SInce I do nOt have a classroom this year. I am On Assignment. I love hearIng about this.

I really like this idea and going to give it a look see Can you tell me how you got your melonhead into your signature? What an awesome idea! Thanks for the video links and the PDF document. I love the idea of a self-motivated project - I think my students would really benefit from it. I'm off to research and see if I could modify this for my classroom.

Jen, Your endless talent and energy amaze me! Thanks for the sparks of motivation that I so need this year: I will be checking more into this for my kiddos: Thank you for all you do to share your gifts with other: Have a blessed Thanksgiving: 4th Grade Frolics.

I, like Stephanie, am super motivated too! I am about to dig in and go research! My kids could totally use a pick me up right before the holidays, and Kid President is kind of a celebrity in our room! There is never enough time for inquiry, and things of this nature, but there should be!

Thanks for the fabulous idea!! Young Teacher Love Blog. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I teach 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and I could totally see my students eating this up.A passion project is an activity or enterprise that you decide to take on—usually in your spare time—in order to gain some benefit for yourself.

To give you a heads up, these benefits include things such as having more fun, increasing your zest for life, and making a contribution to the world. Here we go. Am I right? I can see all of you nodding your heads in agreement. Well, here are 14 reasons why starting a passion project is most definitely worthy of your time, energy, and other resources:.

He explains in his book that one way to increase your happiness is to increase your sense of control over your life.

Nonetheless, you may be currently going through a period of your life in which you feel you have little control over your daily activities. You can regain a feeling of control by starting a passion project.

After all, a passion project is something that you decide to do. Even if you hope to make money from your passion project at some point, at first the financial possibilities of a passion project should be secondary.

The first consideration should always be having fun. Here at Daring to Live Fully I write often about the importance of having more fun. Now I have something else to add to my ongoing list of ways to have more fun: starting a passion project. A passion project could simply be about indulging your need to create. I love this quote by Kurt Vonnegut:.

The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

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6 Real Passion Projects That Will Make You Pick Up Your Camera

Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Higher Education. Adult Education. Digital Resources for Students Google Apps. Internet Activities.

English Language Arts. Foreign Language. Social Studies - History. History World History. For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. PowerPoint PresentationsProjectsHomework. Add to cart. Wish List. Passion projects are designed to interest your students in the process of learning. If learning is meaningful, students will be more engaged. What better way to do this than to have them pick the topics! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your students could learn about what they wan.

ProjectsPrintables. This bundle contains 50 elementary art lesson presentations! These are my favorite projects throughout the years that students not only love to make, but also have high success rates that build confidence and passion for art!

Each PDF file c. Show 50 included products. Are you a teacher looking for a fun way to spice up a research activity or make your kids think more deeply about their choice of topics? Are you a school librarian looking for an engaging way to keep the students working during library time?

Genius Hour or Passion Project, as it is also called, i. ResearchUnit PlansActivities. This packet has all the teaching materia.Want more? Sign up for time-saving teaching tips, effective strategies, and awesome freebies right to your inbox! Look for a freebie in your very first email! This is a great list to honor different learning styles! I recently blogged about how we used a jeopardy game to enhance learning the school code of conduct, and I'm always a fan of making class books to reinforce concepts!

I'll be trying more of these — thanks, Rachel! Susanna Whimsy Workshop Teaching. I already have the slogan for the cereal brand. Brilliant list! To answer your question; 8 yes 9 yes 24 — do that video one lot. LOVE these and will try many more. Put my students on it a lot. We had a blast and report back was "We learn to much! Love this list! I find it's best to give kids choices.

Otherwise they get overwhelmed! This list is great because it will help me change it up so the choices I offer aren't always the same ones. I do assign a lot of these types of assignments already, but do find myself resorting to tests sometimes although I like to use different, more "FUN" or in depth versions of tests simply because our assessment policies indicate that we ought to only assess work that is done in class, i.

I have trouble, even when I tell students that work has to be done in class, and have routines to remind them to leave work in an assigned location each period, ensuring that no one takes it home. Then accusations about fairness begin. I'd love any suggestions!

6 Types Of Passion Projects That Will Lead You To Your Dream Career

I teach middle school. I used the wanted poster idea. They were able to use the attributes of the shapes to describe the wanted shape and had to find an example of that shape to add an image for the poster. We used it for an artwork piece by ripping the edges and staining them with tea to look old.Sound interesting?

Because the concept of genius hour is somewhat new, many parents are unfamiliar with it. Obtaining their buy-in is imperative. Clearly communicate your expectations with parents. Due to the differentiated nature of a passion project, this information might be different from student to student.

For this reason, I recommend that students create a Google Doc where they will journal about everything they plan to do, have completed, and have learned. Have students share their document with both you and their parents.

Also, tell students how frequently you expect it to be updated. Providing a model is important. They need to see the relevance. Keep a record of the times you meet with each student to talk about their goals and progress. Ask students to send you an email if they have questions or need to update you about their project outside of the school day.

Dedicate one day each week to the project. Many students are afraid to speak in public, but if they have worked hard to research a topic important to them, boost their confidence by explaining they should be proud to present their work.

passion project ideas list

Presentations can be formal, informal, or Q and A. Depending on the age of your student, the passion project can be overwhelming. Let students focus solely on their learning as it relates to that unit. It becomes muddy when we ask them to complete grammar homework or an unrelated novel study simultaneously.

Pairing makes sense if the grammar homework or novel directly relate to the passion project. Be open with students and parents that this is your first time experimenting with a passion project. Sometimes, we forget the learning objectives. What do you want students to be able to do at the end of the project? Make sure conversations always come back to that learning objective. Ask students to research their passion and write about it in different genres.

Tie the project to the learning standards by focusing on writing and research skills. Ask students to research their passion. Then, they could complete an extension piece volunteering for a cause they value, organizing an event, creating a business model, conducting action research.

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